The Dental Center of Dr. Soubhi Sabbagh

More about me:

2012 Aesthetic Dentistry (USJ University of Saint Josef)
1994 - Membership with SSRPD
1991 - Graduate D.D.S
Dental Services:

Cosmetic dental repair:
Fillings,All Ceramic Crown, ,Impress II, In-Ceram, Hi-Ceram, Fixed and removable Bridges, Dental Implants,
Cutting Age RCT,
Ultrasonic Prophylaxis,
Pregnant Treatment, Handicap Treatment
Infection Control


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SEP 16 2009

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Mobile Phone: ++963 944 416832
Clinic   Phone: ++963 11 4416832


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Dr. Soubhi Sabbagh
Floor 4 /Building 6
Jazeera 17 /Dummar Project


When should I visit my dentist?
1-Normally,you should check-up your teeth twice a year.(It is better to make dental cleansing at the moment, because the ultrasonic instrument will detect any hidden dental decay)
2-Or as soon as you feel something wrong.


Bagdad Str. cross Al-thawra Str.

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